Tool Description


HYDRO solution Description
HYDRO 1: WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Consists of a sewage treatment system that combines anaerobic process with constructed wetlands and disinfection

HYDRO 2: AGROFOREASTRY SYSTEM It is an agroforestry system that can use the nutrient-rich water from HYDRO 1 to cultivate edible and non-edible trees, shrubs, and herbs

HYDRO 3: SUBSURFACE RAINWATER HARVESTING It is an innovative rainwater harvesting system to irrigate croplands in self-sufficient way (without external sources of water such as potable and groundwater)

HYDRO 4: RESIDENTIAL RAINWATER HARVESTING It is a rainwater harvesting system that can be applied to domestic residences to reclaim water for multiple purposes

HYDRO 5: DESALINATION SYSTEM-GREENHOUSE Consists of a desalination system powered by solar energy, coupled to saltwater evaporation. The desalinated water is used to irrigate a greenhouse with tropical fruits

HYDRO 6: ECOTOURIST WATER-LOOPS Consists of an agro-ecotourism facility, which is a form of tourism that combines both ecotourism and agrotourism, involving tourists’ participation in sustainable farming, learning about local agricultural practices and moving towards water, energy and food self-sufficiency